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Compostable Poop Bag Box


Pair this poop bag with our poop bag holder, harness, leash and collar and save 15 % on sets

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Compostable Poop Bag Box (6 Rolls)


Six rolls of fifteen bags, 90 bags total. Designed to take care of business after your dog takes care of theirs, our eco-friendly, blush-colored bags are made with a corn starch blend, extra thick, leakproof, and unscented. Add a poop bag carrier to complete the look!


Plant-based starch blend.

Why we love it :


  • Compostable, Eco Friendly & Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags.
  • Six, corn-based, compostable bags per box.
  • Extra thick for added protection.
  • 15 bags per roll x 6 rolls = 90 bags.


Caution : 

These bags are a potential choking hazard. Please keep out of reach of children & pets.



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